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  • (RP) /prəˈvaɪdɪd/


provided (also provided that)
  1. Only if (the stipulation that follows is true).
    You can go to the party provided you finish all your homework first.


  1. past of provide

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

according as, accoutered, all ready, all set, armed, armed and ready, booted and spurred, briefed, catered, coached, cocked, endowed, equipped, familiarized, fitted, fitted out, furnished, good and ready, groomed, heeled, if, in any case, in arms, in battle array, in case, in case that, in either case, in readiness, in the saddle, informed, invested, it being provided, just in case, loaded, loaded for bear, mature, mobilized, on condition, on condition that, on the mark, outfitted, planned, prearranged, prepared, prepared and ready, prepped, primed, provided always, provided that, providing, psyched up, purveyed, ready, ready for anything, rigged, ripe, set, subject to, supplied, up in arms, vigilant, well-prepared, with the stipulation, with the understanding, with this proviso
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